Welcome to the Future: An Alien Abduction, A Galactic War and the Birth of a New Era

This is the story of Megan Rose who was abducted twice by malevolent extraterrestrials and rescued by benevolent Nordic aliens. She kept in touch with her rescuer and has brought in this book, the story of a galactic war on planet earth, as explained by her Nordic friends from the stars. The people of earth have falsely been led to believe that aliens don’t exist. The knowledge of extra-terrestrial life in this solar system is imperative to the understanding of earth’s past, present and future. Through the awakening of humanity to the existence of extraterrestrial life, a new era is birthed for all inhabitants of the planet and this galaxy. Welcome to the Future.

About the Author: Megan Rose was born and raised in Northern Virginia, in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. She graduated college with a nursing degree from State College of Florida. Her passion for taking care of others led her to a career in the intensive care unit at a hospital in South Florida. As she awakened to her true nature, Megan started her own business as a psychic medium and soon left the hospital for another adventure. Her commitment to healing transcends any job title, as she delivers her work with the greatest love.

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